Zeta Amicae of Jonesboro

Amicae (Friends of Zeta) are women may not meet the qualifications necessary to join the sorority or are women in the community (or sisters or friends of Zetas) who have the willingness to function as a part of the sorority.

As early as 1940, graduate chapters of Zeta Phi Beta began to realize the importance of the prestige, good will and cooperation of women who, for various reasons, were not members of any Greek-letter organization. Under the administration of Soror Lullelia Harrison, the first Amicae chapter was organized in Omaha, Nebraska in 1947 making Zeta the first sorority in the National Pan-Hellenic Council to organize an auxiliary group. Zeta Amicae are affiliated through local chapters.

The Zeta Amicae of Jonesboro is sponsored by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Sigma Omega Zeta Chapter, chartered March 10th, 2020.

Financial Obligations
The fee for annual membership is determined by International Headquarters and is instituted by the local chapter. New membership fee will include assessments and fees (as determined by the chapter in alignment with the requirements of the national office). You are expected to renew your membership annually. Membership fees cover the fiscal year beginning September 1st and ending June 30th.

To learn more about the Amicae, feel free to contact their coordinator via email .